I think that limit is an order of magnitude higher than what the UK does, but I don’t think it’s high enough – nor can it be – for what may be coming. The international community needs to act swiftly – and violently where necessary – to prevent a country disintegrating to the point where most people want to leave it otherwise it’s really going to get unpleasant.

@andypandy Violence may work against poor governments and their like but it’s no solution to famine/drought/crop failure which with the stresses they bring are likely to be the major drivers of movement and conflict in the coming decades (unless something else changes for the worse!). We’re technically ill equipped to counter those forces but I think we are more socially adaptable than we have had to be of late; accepting as people and societies that people and indeed whole societies will as they have before be forced to move seems the easier of the two issues to resolve in the short/medium term. “It’s impossible” isn’t an option and I hope genocide isn’t either though I strongly suspect it will be repeatedly tried.