@andypandy Why? I do not see the relevance of your link to what I have claimed. As I read it, your link says that you have to be in the UK to apply for asylum, but that the UK claims it is not obliged to admit anyone who made it, say, to France to enable them to do so.

This is not the same as refusing to consider an asylum application for formal reasons (once the asylum seeker has made it to the UK) just because it would have been the refugee’s duty to claim asylum in Italy or France.

This is exactly why the UK are paying France to have UK immigration checks on the continent: If a refugee made it across the channel they would have no formal reason to refuse at least checking their asylum claim.

Plus if you are hoping on the Dublin agreement then sorry to disappoint. The Dublin agreement is an agreement between member states that the first state coming into contact with a refugee should deal with any asylum claims, it puts no onus on the refugee to do so.