I’d like a little notice. Make sure the dog is sorted out and make sure’s she’s got someone to feed her

Then there’s making sure my will is out of its hiding place. (and the odd porn video I think is still lurking somewhere). The lawn will need cutting and I’d best make sure the washing is done – don’t want folk thinking I’m a scruffy old man.

There’s a few family possessions i’ve been meaning to give to other family members I’m not sure my daughter will remember to hand on.

Upstairs I’ve got a nice bottle of whiskey I’ve been keeping from my self for the last six months – I”ll need a bit of advance notice to get that down my neck. And I’ll just pop out for some Hamlet cigars – giving up took an effort but who cares now?

Oh, cancel the papers as I won’t be paying the lass who owns our local shop. Oh, I’d better label all the ruddy keys other wise that lot will be a muddle to sort out.

And make sure I’ve got some clean underwear on too!