Further to my above post, given losing 6 times means losing 63x stake and having to gamble 64x, is we assumed that you couldn’t fund that, then based on that occuring ~3.9% of the time in 10 games (I excluded zero to make the maths possible in my head), you’d only have a 50:50 chance of making it past 170 spins.

Then only thing that favours the casino is you running out of money or having a hard stop. The longer you play the more it acts in their favour. The less you play the less you can make from this route.

Want a guaranteed way to beat the casinos. Find one with a good restaurant, invariably the food and drink is subsidised by the gambling to draw you in.

Go and have a nice steak washed down with some of last decades burgundy. Enjoy the satisfaction of paying less than in a pure restaurant. Leave without gambling.