Bloody hell, that’s a lot of replies. I should have mentioned in the first post I have zero intention of going to a casino to try this and I don’t trust the online stuff, I’m sure it’s regulated but no thanks.

To those saying it won’t work, it certainly worked for a couple of hours on the free app today, placing a £10 bet and doubling each loss, with 6 losses in a row being the max I saw that only needs a float of £1270 to cover it, 7 losses would need £2540 and 8 would be £5080. I don’t know the odds but the chances of a solid run of black or 0 (assuming I stick with red) must be tiny.

But the main log jam would be the table limit, I never thought about that but I am pretty sure that a table that would take a £10 bet wouldn’t take a £1270 bet if only to prevent people doing this. At the end of the day the house always wins otherwise there would be no house.

All academic anyway because I don’t gamble. I have an addictive personality and would be the person emptying my wallet chasing that one big win so I avoid it totally. (quit drinking 28 years ago for the same reason, always had to be the last man standing)