Many years ago, me and some pals had a winning strategy for the casino. We were bumming around for a while in Phnom Penh and there was this casino on a boat on the centre of town. Mainly Chinese businessmen (no Cambodians allowed) and us (scruffy backpackers) in the casino. We would play this dice game called sic bo. Between us we would scrape together about $10, then one of us would play betting tiny amounts. How did we win? Well, free drinks for those gambling…so we would stretch out our $10 for as long as we could (some nights we did well and came out in profit) but we always left long of about 6 to 7 pints of some dodgy asian lager on our way to Martinis.

One funny story from those nights…one of the guys I was hanging around with was an aussie who could speak fluent mandarin. He was at the sic bo table and we were huddled behind him drinking and giving useless advice. One of us knocked over a beer and it spilt all over the felt cloth of the game table. Whilst the croupier cleaned it up, a Chinese man turned to his group of friends and said something and they all laughed. My friend heard what he said (“f*cking foreigners”) and turned to him and said in perfect chinese “Your a f*cking foreigner in this country too mate” The reaction was hilarious, the Chinese group reacted in utter shame, red faces and they all got up and left immediately in silence. We felt like rock stars for a few minutes…good times.