Slightly off topic, I do wonder about fish. Many see to die a horrible death, just being dragged out of the water and left to suffocate, and no-one ever seems to bother about fish. It’s a serious comment, I just wonder sometimes why no one ever complains about the way fish are caught/killed, or am I missing something.

@isac It’s something I’ve often wondered about. Like most living creatures fish have nerves, and when you see them gasping to breathe and convulsing, they certainly seem to be in distress.

Maybe because fish are such a valuable source of food it just suits us to “turn a blind eye”. I wonder if any research has ever been done on the distress we cause them? Could they be humanely killed? Electric shock or similar?

I’m talking about commercial fishing here. When I was a youngster we used to go sea angling, but we only caught enough to eat, other or undersize fish were thrown back in. Those we kept were quickly dispatched with a type of hammer known as a priest.