It’s something I’ve often wondered about. Like most living creatures fish have nerves, and when you see them gasping to breathe and convulsing, they certainly seem to be in distress.

@archer As far as I’m aware (aside from the urban myth that ‘fish don’t feel pain’) there is no scientific reason for us to treat fish so abysmally. I am no good as a fisherman and so seem not to be able to do it better myself… and therefore I don’t eat them.

Just finished watching the show. I personally marginally feel less pissed off with the Texan so called christian than the gun happy maniac with the crocs. At least the Texan truly feels some kind of emotion (presumably close to ‘gods creation’) when he kills them. Perhaps for him it’s what he was ‘meant to do’. But that’s small consolation from my POV. Either way, pretty f*cking abhorrent.

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