I have to admit, some of the younger members of staff at work really do make me wonder on occasion about the resilience of a certain age group. My personal experience (and it is only that), is that there seems to be an attitude of entitlement without effort. it is definitely a little divisive in the workplace with older members of staff on occasion appearing to resent the lack of desire to make the effort to progress or undertake any work other than the minimum to get through the day which is exhibited by some of the younger staff.

As I write this it feels like a sweeping generalisation, and I caveat this with the comment that it is not everyone from this age group.

I do have to deal with a few special little snowflakes, but there are those who just get on with the job and perform really well.

So, I do wonder if it as much about the upbringing of the individual as opposed to the ‘social media generation’ as a whole.

Nature or nurture??