john yates

@mick ward Full of people being paid by the taxpayer to doss around. I loved it. Simple life. Open air. Great company. Didn’t even have to sign on in person. It was a great music scene. Punk and politics and passion. Back then I spent most of my time trying to pull coppers off horses in trafalgar square.. Thatcher was a hate figure. But I admire her now. Despite her courage and conviction, she never did change the U.K. into a broad based economic powerhouse. Privatisation was the right thing. But the focus on the city at the expense of manufacturing was a grave mistake. Bing bang brought in big bucks to the Treasury. Something Blair and Brown encouraged further, allowing all sorts of excesses and ignoring all the warning signs. For me, the Blair and Brown decades were the dark ages. There was a promise of Kennedy. What we got was comedy and tragedy – Iraq and Afghanistan to name but two wars. This was an era of spin and party machines. The horrible cult of celebrity. Cool Britannia. Public Services built in tick. The personal pager keeping MPs on message. Dull men in grey suits spouting bromides. All those lies about the end of boom and bust. Nothing Lady T ever did was as disastrous as New Labour. The 70s and 80s were an era of characters in climbing and in politics. The nineties and noughties became bland – You know Mick, I bet you loved the seventies and eighties really.