john yates


many thanks for the reply. I share your pessimism at times. It’s why I asked Ian Jack to come up and see us at the AMRC. His piece is here:


There is hope. I won’t go into a point by point commentary but have to say that when I left daily journalism one of the first accidental jobs I got was with a work winning team in Carillion. I was working with a team of theirs the day before the liquidation. I have to say it is one of the most progressive companies I have ever worked with. Their annual sustainability report was not some bolt on extra, but central to its people’s behaviour. Jonathan Portia and others have been advisers down the years. Ironically their downfall probs began with the purchase of green energy company Eaga. The deal cost in excess of 400 m and it never made a penny as it was dependent on tariff subsidies that were removed. I think the company grew too big, too many acquisitions. I’ve worked on scores of big bids and it has always puzzled me how so complex a process doesn’t result in greater failures. It’s not a binary thing for me. State good/private bad. I’ve advised local councils and am appalled at the basic lack skills, drive and competence we have st this level.