mick ward

@roadrunner Yes, he said he was a centralist and he was a centralist. Agreed. But was his centralism little more than expediency, whatever seems to work best at the moment (rather than what seems right)?

I’ve always viewed Blair as the ultimate political chameleon. (“What do the focus groups say I should be?”) rather than, “What do I think is best for society?”

I have a friend used to own a prominent legal firm in London. In his younger days, Blair applied for a job with them. He looked good on paper. However a colleague of my partner had a quiet word in his ear. “Don’t.” “Why not?” my mate asked. “Because there’s only one person Blair cares about – himself.” The application was quietly turned down.

I think Blair is, “What’s good for me… is good for you.” His ‘contrition’ over Iraq was an insult to the dead.