mick ward

It’s not a binary thing for me. State good/private bad. I’ve advised local councils and am appalled at the basic lack skills, drive and competence we have st this level.

@john-yates Totally agree. That’s why I think it would be wrong simply to say, “Right, let’s re-nationalise,” rather than honestly and stringently ask, “What have we got right – and what have we got wrong?”

In my (limited) experience, when services are privatised, the interface between public and private sector is very often fraught with incompetence and/or corruption. I’ve seen civil servants awarding contracts, then going private and tendering for similar contracts (knowing the system intimately) from their former colleagues.

I’m glad to see good things happen at Orgreave. Mather & Platts – so often saw that hallowed name on machinery on shop floors. The pride of British engineering.

Footprint Tools? Used to clean their windows. The worst sweatshop I’ve ever seen. Every month, the gaffer would almost have a revolt on his hands – we all hated going there. The job was horrifically dangerous (would never be allowed today). But peering through the oil-stained windows at those poor bastards inside was like staring into hell.