Nobody said it was “easy”.

Whether you were born in 1945, 50, or 55, things got better by the day by the time you were 18, and you had nothing to do with it. Simply because of economic and technological progress. They did drugs and alcohol and gave us f*cking great music and art because they could. They were an incredibly creative generation, but they were also naive optimists without a plan.

When it stalled in the 70s, sure the majority got left behind, but the elite was saved by economic inequality, and these elite baby boomers are still shaping politics and society today, still trying desperately to hold onto their privilege by any means possible, even if that means betraying all the ideals they had in their youth.

I’m very impressed and frankly, humbled, by the new generation, the so called “millenials”, they have grown up with the Great Recession. They know things don’t get better just by themselves. Sure all the studies show they are an anxious and stressed bunch, but maybe it’s not that bad ? They work and study hard, and they want to change the world for the better, not just make life better for themselves. I wish them good luck, they’ll need it.