Would you care to give the rationale behind that? Comparing key economic measures like earnings, gdp, productivity etc.

My personal experience is of 10 years

@irk I don’t think the problem with the recession, was the recession, but the absolute dire state of the UK finances before it. The ok was massively over spending, despite the so called boom, delaying spending with pfi, selling assets like gold… if it’s finances were in order then there would have hardly even been a blip.

UK productivity has always been lower than most of the eu for decades. Nothing has changed.

Most of the factors people blame on the recession, were things that would have happened just to sort out the uk’s massive annual deficit anyway, bloated public sector and looming pension time bomb. All of which have nothing to do with the banks repackaging debt and aren’t yet fully resolved.

@joey calling it the ‘great recession’ is just misleading. It’s hardly even comparable to just 40 years ago when the UK was the sick man of Europe etc..

For me I’ve been in sweden for much of the past decade and there has been some slight signs slowing etc, but there is still generally growth, cities and industry keep on building. They did fix their own banking problems in 90s and annually they run pretty close to a surplus some years, a small deficit the next, so they didn’t have the ticking time bombs like the UK. Far from perfect of course, just less imperfect than the UK. Imho.