@bob I don’t know where to start, pretty much every claim you’ve made in your past post are easily verifiable as completely false.

The UK finances were broadly fine before the recession. National debt was at broadly satisfying level and the increase in spending in the 2000 is statistically insignificant.

The U.K. productivity was fine before the recession, as matter of fact in 2007 we were bang on at the g7 average. Only after the recession we fell badly behind.

comparing the Great Recession with the situation in the UK 40 years ago is comparing apples and orange, you are comparing a relative decline over 30 years to an absolute decline over a couple years.

But if you try to compare it anyway, well, even then you find that the absolute decline achieved during the Great Recession, over a couple of years, was more than twice greater than the 30 year long relative decline post war. Let that sink in for a second.