@joey Diacetyl has been banned in e-cigarette juice flavorings in the UK for over 18 months now. The ‘ejuice’ industry has been booming recently and there’s an incentive for manufacturers to develop flavors with minimal additives as it appeals more to their customer base. I quit smoking through using an electronic cigarette and would say that even if there are health risks associated with vaping, they are immensely lower than those associated with actual smoking. It’s not been happening on a large enough scale for anyone to be able to accurately say what the long term health risks may be. I would be immensely surprised if it was anywhere close to as bad as actual smoking though!

If you look closely enough there are health risks associated with virtually everything these days – my view is that in order to live a life that you are actually able to enjoy you must accept an element of risk, whatever the extent of that risk may be.