I once was seconded to work for an international tobacco company whom had basically modelled the future market and concluded that the market for traditional tobacco in the western world would be dead in 5-10yrs and e-cigs would follow shortly once people got wind of the issues with them.

These people had more money than entire nations, the power to lobby governments and officials with the greatest of ease, and their attitude and mindset made bond villains look like part timers. I concluded that their lack of investment in e-cig’s was based on sound science and market predictions.

Ultimately they picked a third way which was to invent a cigarette system which had no ‘biomarkers of harm or risk’ (cancer causing stuff), but had the same taste, smell, smoke and ‘ritual’ (the sales hook). When I left the programme they had successfully completed human clinical trials across Europe, US and Japan so I would imagine this device is now almost ready for market.