It is a mess. And there is no reason for it. There is no real connection between the embassy and the situation in Gaza. But Hamas is making a connection, by denying that Israel has any right to exist and that there should be only an Arab Palestine from ‘the river to the sea’. Everything else flows from this proposition. Gaza is an economic basket case because the leaders of Gaza refuse to talk to an entity they say is not legitimate. They steal the peoples’ resources to pursue the impossible objective of destroying Israel by violence. These demonstrations are more like organized riots. This video shows the PM of Gaza urging his people to ‘tear out the hearts from their (Israelis) bodies’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klFbf6VG7uA

Gaza could have been like a Singapore if they had chosen a different route. It was the first area to become Palestinian after the Oslo accord. It is geographically similar to the greater Tel Aviv area which enjoys a high western standard of living. It has received huge international financial support. All it needs to prosper is to sit down and make peace with Israel – which has absolutely no claim on Gaza except to live in peace.