Everyone knows a war is chaotic. Sh*t happens. What is happening there is certainly chaotic. And, I think, intended to be. As far as I can make out there are 3 areas. At the back is more peaceful with woman and children and first aid tents. (If chanting kill the Jews can count as peaceful). Hamas is busing people there. and displaying this to the media. In front of this is a line of burning tires to hide young men with catapults and kites to burn Israeli fields. They also perform dramatically for the media. Then out from the smoke are occasional attempts to run forward and break the fence, and throw grenades and molotov cocktails. Those in this area the one that are at most risk of being shot. (So no international media). Note that almost all those killed are young men, and (according their death notices in the Arab media) activists in Jihadi movements.

Again, there is no need for any of this. Hamas – look after you people. Please!