@martin The problem with

– consistently showing no regard for proportionality, killing indiscriminately

– lying about it being “surgical” while the whole world can see it’s anything but

– refusing to take any responsibility for the situation in gaza

– repeating the false mantra “Israel wants peace” when the actions of the government show the world that it only wants peace on terms that completely disregard the needs of Palestinians

Is that it ensures that the current situation is perpetuated, with the next generation of Palestinians growing up with a visceral hatred of Israel, and Jews, that will ensure another 50 years of violence.

You can, if you like, carry on with Israeli policies and sit and hope that hamas will just stop being blood thirsty racist nutters. Or, given the power Israel has, it can change the policies that generate the hatred and instead work towards peace on a basis which is acceptable in the eyes of the international community.

Just blaming hamas over and over again, just doesn’t seem to me like a pragmatic strategy to make progress. Netanyahu needs to go, Israeli policy must change, and then Israel can claim to “want peace”. Until then, it is clear to the world that Israel wants violence.