Note that almost all those killed are young men, and (according their death notices in the Arab media) activists in Jihadi movements.

@martin Let’s analyse this statement, Jondo reckoned “most” of those killed prior to yesterday the 40+ were Hamas terrorists, you say “almost all”. The evidence Jondo produced was an Israeli newspaper with the pictures of ten of the dead having Hamas links.

So let’s pretend even half of them were Hamas activists intent on murdering Jews, that still leaves 50% innocent victims are you happy with this? Is this simply part of the chaos?

I’d say the chaos was caused by live fire into crowds. The threat has largely been existential as shown by the lack of Israeli’s injured so far (No I don’t want to see Israeli’s die before, I agree there was a threat).

Considering the distances between the army and the protesters I find it hard to see how anyone could throw a grenade or Molotov and cause any injuries, it simply defies the laws of physics.

Which is why the Israelis probably killed to press photographer who flew his drone overhead so we could all see what was really happening. He was a Hamas spy of course, so he deserved to die.