Hamas have just announced that of the 62 killed on the border, 53 were members of jihadist terrorist organizations.

See https://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-official-50-of-the-people-killed-in-gaza-riots-were-members/

this rather blows away all your righteous indignation that the IDF were massacring innocents. Rather it demonstrates that the IDF probably prevented a massacre of Israeli innocents.

and regarding the anti semtism issue. People only care when Palestinian lives are taken by Jews kind of proves my point. That the lives of Jews were demonstrably saved from terrorists by the IDF is apparently totally unimportant to you. And, as I pointed out, the fact that far more Palestinians have been killed by ISIS and Assad in Syria has never raised a murmur of protest which goes to show that people seem to be only interested in condemning the country where half the worlds jews live.

You need to look deeply into your hearts.

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