You’re still ignoring the 1,700 who have been injured by bullets or shrapnel. There’s more if yo want to count the injuries from tear gas etc.

Are you suggesting these injuries are OK because we got 53 bad guys?

And by being a member of any jihadi group, is this sufficient to be killed without trial?

It sort of plays out of Hamas’ hands to, on the one hand want people to be killed for publicity purposes, and the tell the world they we mostly jihadists, don’t you think?

Your excuse that Hamas are making Israel kill the protesters doesn’t hold water if they then tell every one they we terrorists. Wouldn’t you, if you were Hamas, keep your gob shut and say they were all farmers. You keep telling us Hamas are lying, deceitful bastards and yet they suddenly come out and tell the truth about these 53 people! It makes no sense at all.

Blimey, isn’t it time you started doing a little more joined up thinking. Maybe remove the Israel can do no wrong blinkers for a while.