Exactly. Just innocent coincidence. Honest.

It’s your link! But it’s also the USA, not the UK. Also, waiting 20 minutes to vote at a polling station in town right beside where you live really isn’t the end of the world, rural voters often take longer than that to get to the polling station.

I’m a rather rabid believer that voting is important so it should be easy.

Yup. Just like marriage, raising children, having a career, keeping healthy and fit. We can’t have people having to make a little effort for anything important, can we? :-/

People should be encouraged to vote, but if they can’t really be bothered having a say, that’s fine by me. Someone able-bodied who thinks it isn’t worth the effort to get to the polling station between the hours of 07:00 and 22:00 to cast their vote is probably right!