Thanks for posting that – I didn’t know why he’d derailed the two bills. Seemed like brilliant way to get the whole nation to think you’re dick, and as such I didn’t understand the motivation.

This is quite a detailed point of the parliamentary process that not many folk are going to get. So, err, yes maybe he has a point, but on the other hand I don’t believe that many MPs just swan about doing jack shit rather than “turning up to work” in the Commons. They have other responsibilities too, and having worked in the civil service (and loathed pretty much all the ministers I worked under, all stripes) certainly members of the government have an absurd volume of work to get through. With this in mind, and with no proposal of a better way system, I have no view on private members bills, but I can see that making laws with only a handful of representatives present is suboptimal. But not really a pressing issue for me.