Curious about this.

My understanding, admittedly from study 30+ years ago, was that there was a ballot of the MPs who wished to put forward a PMB – i.e names drawn out of a hat. If an MP got a high position, top 20 for example, they were in with a chance and only then did they have to decide what the bill would contain.

The other option is the 10 minute rule, but that rarely if ever succeeded. And again I thought it was decided by a once-a-year ballot, not first come first served.

Sounds like CC created a stack of PMBs as just another tactic to block the process. If this is possible then he has highlighted just another archaic tradition of parliament that needs to be reformed.

It’s also worth repeating that Chope and his fellow dinosaur Phillip Davis are subject to the Tory whip. They could be brought to heel if the political will was there. Although given that May has had to bribe the bigots of the DUP with £1.5bn, she presumably feels these guys are small beer.