Denise, what is the success rate of the op?

I put off as long as possible a hip replacement because of caring for my disabled son. In the end, I could only walk outside the home with crutches. I was agony whether I was resting or active and couldn’t sleep. My son could see the pain in my face and that stressed him out. In short I was desperate. I agreed to have the op. My son stayed at home. Luckily I had two friends who went over and above to care for him whilst I was in hospital, when he wasn’t at school. Caring for him after my op wasn’t easy, but nor was it before. At least I was the right side of the op. The pain was less – post-op pain rather than deep, knawing bone pain. As a result of my op I am much better placed to care for him now.

If the success rate is good, I would look at your options. I’m sure it’s usually day surgery, so you would still be at home to supervise your Mum’s care. Don’t write off the op completely.