Well you’re right of course, but I don’t think people are saying we (in the UK) are living in a fascist state – they are saying we are currently moving in the wrong direction.

Not in the stuff that matters. The mass of people’s attitudes are still progressive, just look at Manchester’s response to the bombing. In the legislature we have had gay marriage and The Equalities Act in very recent years. Any evidence to the contrary?

Trump is more than just a buffoon, and the rise of the far right in the US is more than just Trump. And the far right is enjoying something of a resurgence in plenty of places around Europe too. You’d be quite right to call some of the comments we’ve been seeing hysterical hyperbole, but if you’re suggesting we have nothing to worry about you are dead wrong.

But the newly risen right is hardly that far right at all. We’ve seen a resurgence of Nationalistic fervour, and of course, this is worrying in that it has all to often served as tinder for worse but the real danger, as I see it, is the loss of common ground for any sort of political dialogue. People seem more divided now based on emotional reaction rather than any examination of facts or ideology .