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Boris Johnson is a wannabe dictator

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      Boris Johnson is a wannabe dictator. Over the past year Boris Johnson has seized the opportunity that the pandemic has given him to expand his power and control over all of our lives and now it looks as though Boris and his Marxist pals want to make this the new norm forever. With new protesting laws and vaccine passports similar to the social credit system found in china we are on a very slippery slope.
      Boris Johnson is a power hungry coward who often puts on this act of being the joker and the fool but this is simply a calculated attempt by him to try shift blame away from himself. He also hides behind and gets his cabinet ministers to do his most of his dirty work for him. However don’t be fooled Boris is one the most dangerous threats we have seen to our democracy and freedom since world war 2 and he must be stopped.

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      I agree! The vaccine passports idea that he proposes is proof that he has no intention of relinquishing power and getting back to how things were once the pandemic is over.

    • He lied through his teeth for years to become Prime Minister putting on this whole act and pretending he was someone kind of freedom fighting libertarian and now that he is finally in power his mask has slipped and is showing his true colours.

      Have you noticed that no one in public office is being held to account now when they do something wrong? Dominic cummings, Priti Patel, MET Chief Dick…. etc etc Since Boris Johnson got into power accountability has gone out the window for people at the top because. Bojo knows if he can erode the idea of politicians being held to account for their actions then he can avoid ever being held accountable for his corruption and incompetence.






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