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Dr David Nabarro is sadistic fake doctor

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    • Dr David Nabarro is a sadistic twat. On the news todays there was an announcement that Pfizer have created a covid19 vaccine which is 90% effective and would be rolling it out to the public soon. This is obviously is great news as we can all start to get to back normal and people can stop suffering from the effects covid19 and the restrictions are having on their lives,…. but not if David Nabarro has anything to do with it! With glee on his smug arrogant face he was quick to strip away peoples hope.

      David Nabarro who works with the world health organization (you know that organization that covered up covid19 with the Chinese government and let it spread worldwide) was quick to appear on tv to strip away everybody’s hope saying that even with this vaccine we wouldn’t be getting back to normal but would be getting back to a “new normal”. What a pile of shit this so called doctor is. These baseless claims that we are going to have to live under a new normal even with a vaccine are disgusting.

      These lockdown and restrictions are having a huge impact upon people physical and mental health and destroying peoples way of life. Now that we are getting closer to a vaccine been released all of a sudden a vaccine is not good enough for these sadistic professors and scientists who simply feed off the peoples fear and have no interests of actually getting rid of covid19 and things to get back to normal because that would mean they would the power that they have gained through this lockdown and everybody would not be hanging off their every word anymore.

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      Yeah I agree! I am sick to death of these so called experts appearing on tv who seem to just get off on peoples suffering and want this crisis to last forever.






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