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Professor Chris Whitty is a liar, sadist and a murderer!

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    • Professor Chris Whitty is a murderer who is deliberately trying to cause suicides. Speaking on tv with a grin on his face recently Chris Whitty has said that the pandemic is far from over and that we may see another surge in cases and deaths of covid19 in September. His comments have zero scientific evidence to support them and they are purely his opinion but he is saying them anyway to deliberately cause as much fear anxiety as possible and to push people over the edge.
      Chris Whitty’s comments only serve one purpose and that is to push the rug from under peoples feet and strip them of their hope that things will ever get back to normal. As a medical Doctor. At a time when so many are being affected by mental health problems and suicide rates are the highest since records began people do not need to be told that the pandemic is far from over they need hope. Chris Whitty knows full well the consequences of his baseless comments and the affect that they will have on so many struggling through the pandemic but he does not care because he is a sadist who is getting a thrill out of this whole dire situation.

      If you are struggling with lockdown.. please know that thing will get better and sooner than you may think. Now that we have vaccinated over 22 million people most of which are the most vulnerable getting seriously ill and die from covid19 even if there was a surge in cases this does not mean there will be a surge in hospitalizations or deaths. Chris Whitty is a nasty worm and you should ignore him.

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      I hear ya! He is a vile scumbag. There really was no need for his comments. Today another SAGE scientists has also said that even with a successful vaccination we will be seeing 10 000+ deaths from Covid19 every year. These scientists relish and love death and misery.






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