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      Working from home today as I was waiting for something I had on guaranteed special delivery. Went to the kitchen to make a drink only to notice a little red slip by the front door…the slip was timed exactly 5 minutes before I went to the kitchen.

      So I check the camera on the front door (high crime area) and lo and behold, the postman simply writes a slip and puts it through, no attempt to knock or press the doorbell. Problem is, this is the second time this has happened in 6 months and when I complained the first time I was told there was nothing they could do. Now I’ve wasted a day off to receive the package and I still have to take time the tomorrow to drive out to the sorting office to collect it, all because someone is too lazy to bother knocking the door.

      Anyone experienced similar and have any suggestions with how to stop rubbish like this happening again??

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      Think I’ve had this when the postman isn’t the regular one. Our usual one is a nice chap and knows that if we’re not in, the houses either side will accept parcels for us and vice-versa.

      If you are expecting something, maybe leave a note on the door next time that you are in and expecting him?

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      @kerry Not sure that would help. Sounds like the Op was in, but the postman didn’t want to deliver their package. Perhaps he didn’t feel like carrying it on the house or some.

      Op, Any thing particularly heavy? Assuming the video doesn’t identify where you live post it on their Facebook feed, might make someone pay attention?

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      e mail the ceo directly, it wont be her but it will be someone in her office that send it back down to the local manager to deal. If it comes from the directors office then they will take notice, at least they do where I work. A complaint from the ceos office gets treated differently than one from a customer.

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      I’ve had the same happen. I was sat on the bottom of the stairs fixing a puncture, 10 foot away from the door, the postie was so quick shoving the card through that most of the details on the slip were empty and by the time I’d opened the door to try and confront him he was back in the van and pulling away.

      Apparently they do this when they are late as knocking and waiting takes time.

      I’ve no idea how to sort the problem, post the video on twitter maybe with the royal mail # and maybe that of the CEO mentioned above if you can find her on twitter.

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      I had this at my last house all the time and it was frickin annoying making endless 18 mile round trips to the sorting office.

      When I moved here within a week everyone told me “we have a really good postman” and I was slightly baffled – I mean how good do you have to be to put stuff successfully through a letterbox?

      Then I found out.

      He leaves stuff in useful places, goes out of his way to leave with the neighbours if necessary, chats to everyone and if a casual postie has mistakenly taken back to the sorting office he says “give me the card, I’ll sort it out and bring it tomorrow”

      I give him a £20 tip at Christmas but he’s worth his weight in gold.

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      Had the same happen to me, heard the post come through the letterbox, so disappointingly thought no parcel that day, then went and found the card there a little while later. Complained to sorting office manager, who basically called me a liar, when I said I had heard it come through the letterbox and gave him the time as well. This resulted in a 20 mile round trip to the sorting office, and several days wait before i could collect the parcel due to work!!

      So I wrote a sarcastically politish letter and pinned it to the door. Basically Dear Postman, a description of the situation and the level of inconvenience caused and let him know that I had told all the other residents of the terrace what he had done and to keep a look out for it happening again (I think I actually only told one neighbour).

      Few days later I was sat in the living room and I could hear the postman repeatedly knocking on next doors front door for several minutes. I knew next door neighbour was definitely out (lived alone, car not there), but didn’t have the heart to tell the postman…I think he learnt his lesson!!

      Where I live now (very rural) I can’t fault the postman or other couriers for the effort they make to deliver to us and our two neighbours, hardly ever have to go to the sorting office now.

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      When faced with a Royal Mail delivery I look around for an alternate supplier who ships with DPD.

      My many excperiences of DPD are all so consistently good I’ve been considering starting a thread about them – this is how deliveries should work. 2 attempts to deliver, you can set the day for both, notification of a time slot on the day, live tracking of the courier, free collection from one of many places of choice if the deliveries both fail, perfect record with “safe place” deliveries etc.

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      While some royal mail employees are useless they aren’t even in the same league of crapness as Hermes IMO, how can you have a delivery system without a sorting office where people can collect undelivered parcels? they don’t provide any useful tracking info the ones I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with don’t leave any contact details to arrange redelivery, in some cases there’s been nothing at all written on the delivery slip.

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