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      Has anybody here bought from before? There aren’t really that many reviews online about them but the majority of the ones I coul find seem mostly positive. I was thinking about buying some home exercise equipment from them to get fit during this coronavirus lock down and just wanted to get some feedback from you guys first before I hit buy.

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      I have not bought any exercise equipment from nuovahealth but I have bought various supports from them in the past and they were really good. I would give them 5 stars and recommend buying from them 🙂

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      I’ve not heard of Nuovahealth before but checked out their site and it looks safe and legit to me. The prices seem fair, they use PayPal and offer a money back guarantee so you should be good. Most small businesses wont have tons of reviews online not unless they buy them like most big brands do.

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      I bought some arthritis gloves for an elderly relative from this site way back. She really loved the gloves and really helped ease her arthritis pain. This reminds me I should buy her some more 🙂

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      I have bought from Nuovahealth before. They sell some really good products and the delivery is quite fast… however I don’t know how fast they will be during this coronavirus outbreak but that’s to be expected at the moment (unless you are really crazy and been living under a rock), all online retailers are experiencing delays with deliveries these days. IMO It is worth buying from them for sure even if they are a little bit more expensive than other sites such a Amazon because the quality is so much better especially for health stuff. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee which means if the product doesn’t work you just send it back and get a full refund. I hope this helps 😛

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      Another thumbs up here! After trying everything and anything to try to ease my foot pain in the mornings I bought a night splint from them after a friend suggested it and it worked a treat! I would totally recommend Nuovahealth

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