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      In the recent By election in Wales the Tories fielded a candidate, the recent sitting MP who had fiddled his expenses claim. How on earth did they square this? Fiddling expenses is a despicable act of stealing from the public. It was not only immoral to have fielded this thief but an example of utter madness and poor judgement on their part by condoning it. Yet more shame on a Party devoid of decency and morals in an effort to prop up this crumbling yet arrogant Party. No wonder they call them the nasty party.

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      It was poor judgment and/or arrogance to imagine that people would want to vote for him.

      Why would you not field a new candidate?

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      I’m no defender of the Tory party, but in this case his crime seemed to be more one of lying than one of theft. He faked the invoices, i think, so that he could use up his start up budget, and keep more available in his budget for ongoing expenses https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47667080

      the party stayed with him either to say that they felt the deselection was harsh, or to avoid throwing someone else to the wolves

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      To my mind, it can more read like him trying to make life simpler by ‘fudging’ things, because he didn’t stand to make any money from it. I can’t see why he didn’t claim it from the Office Costs Budget, that seems a bit strange to me, I guess it would have used up all funding available for him towards sorting out his offices in the simplest of ways if what he’d tried had worked out.

      ”The court heard Davies had contacted a photographer in Brecon and purchased nine images from him to decorate and display in his constituency office – using his own money to pay the £700 for them initially.

      There were two budgets available to him, the Start Up Costs Budget – for office furniture and IT equipment – and The Office Costs Budget, both of which he could claim the full amount from.

      But Philip Stott, prosecuting, revealed Davies found in February 2016 that only £476.02 was left in the Start Up Costs Budget, with £8,303.75 remaining in the other.

      He then proceeded to create two fake invoices, so the £700 cost could be split between the two budgets – £450 to the Start Up and £250 for the other.”

      I get pretty annoyed at politicians taking the mickey, but I can’t say it bothers me if simplifying life is what he was trying to do. It doesn’t appear that he was doing something as taking the mickey as claiming for a duck house, or trying to pocket the money. The spirit of what the money is provided for was followed, even if he didn’t quite follow the rules, I think.

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      Our living, cocaine taking Prime Minister is only human and made mistakes for be which he has held his hand up.

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