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Weird online food shopping substitutions

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      So, took a leap of faith and ordered a load of food for making afternoon tea for 30 people (for a party) online from Asda. Only did it because I was too busy work wise to nip to the shops.

      Order arrived tonight an hour late and I have some bizarre substitutions – only one of which I was notified of beforehand.

      I wanted a full fresh pineapple (for pineapple and cheese on sticks), I have 5 x pots of sugar free pineapple jelly! :s

      Anyone else had a weird substitutions before?!

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      I once received orange shampoo instead or a bag of satsumas and 1.5kg pork chops instead of a small packet of sliced ham.

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      Oh dear, none of those substitutions sounds useful! I shop with Ocado and the order rarely has substitutions or is late, I can recommend them highly.

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      I did some on-line shopping with Tesco in the past, had some substitutions of which driver told me about on arrival and nothing weird…

      Order a pack of ladies razors and receive a a garden strimmer instead…

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      Not a substitution but we once received 20 X 4 packs of pots of hummus when we don’t have that at all. It had arrived bagged, as in a collection of bags was dumped on the kitchen floor, so we did not notice until the driver had left.

      I frantically checked that we had not ordered in error, but no, no mention of hummus on our order. I called and was told to keep it.

      Not sure what one earth we were supposed to do with it, most went in the bin as the fridge was not big enough. I pity the poor person who was so desperately in need of hummus, must have been having a party, and when their delivery arrived…. no hummus!

      On a brighter note we also once had a bottle of wine unexpectedly dumped on the kitchen floor. We were told to keep that too 🙂

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      I guess it is down to the individual who picks that particular part of your shopping. I used to do it when I was a student and always used to try to make sensible substitutions where possible and also pick fresh produce with long dates etc. For those who find they get nothing rather than a substitution, I’d hazard a guess that the picker is taking the easy option to avoid going over the allotted time for their section. They have targeted times to pick the shop (not just the fresh produce). Plus the whole order isn’t picked in one go, so they are doing shopping for up to 6 customers in one go so I guess sometimes items get put in the wrong tote etc.
      Can’t believe how ridiculous some of the substitutions have been though! Eek

    • I don’t use online shopping because I like to pick my own items. I would be pretty annoyed if I was given something that I didn’t want or need when I paid for something else! Do you not get a refund for these substitutes?

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      I’m surprised at their being substitutions.

      I used to do a certain amount of online grocery shopping in about 2000 to 2005 while I was living in Paris: flat on the third floor of a 1930s building where adding a tiny, narrow lift had reduced the width of the stair in a way that if you had shopping bags, you couldn’t get in the lift, and walking up the stairs would scrape your bags against the pebble-dashed walls…

      An order about every three weeks, never any substitution, hardly ever anything missing upon delivery, but I stopped ordering soft fresh vegetables and fruit as they would arrive either frost damaged or squashed, or right on their sell-by date.

      Nowadays, from time to time I push my trolley around the local supermarket and at the checkout I ask for delivery. It costs me €1. But I get to choose the goods: no damaged packaging and nothing at its sell-by date (unless I pull it from the “bargain” section). After the checkout, the trolley goes into a cold room at about 4°C until the contents are put into bags, the bags put into plastic crates and the crates loaded into the van. Delivery is usually about 90 minutes after going through the checkout, leaving me time to go to the bakery, butcher’s shop and still walk home.

    • Usually the substitutions aren’t too bad although at Christmas replacing the £5 box of chocs ordered for a gift with one priced at £15 was rather annoying. The one that irritated me the most was swapping my guacamole for houmous – houmous doesn’t go with chilli if it had been avocado’s it would have been fine.
      But hey ho – 1st world problems and all that!

    • We’ve not had and real howlers, and the best one wasn’t even a substitution, just my sister having a blond moment! When she was about 15 my mum trusted her to do the online shopping, we did it quite regularly so already had a ‘regulars’ trolley. Wanted banana’s, 14 to be precise – what turned up was nearly 100 banana’s, she’d ordered 14 PACKETS of banana’s this would have been ok, but she made the same mistake with the cheese and onion pasties; we ended up with 6 packets of 4 pasties, rather than 6 individual pasties 😀 Whoever did the picking for that shop must have thought we had a Banana and Pastie problem, still makes me laugh thinking about it. We all thought it was hilarious, and my sister was never allowed to do the online shop again, even at 21 we still tease her about it.

    • I shop online with Sainsbury’s and have *so far* only received near identical substitutions.

    • I must be one of the lucky ones because I always end up getting upgraded products when I get substitutions. Like the other day I bought a small pack of mini eggs and they gave me a huge pack instead. I shop at Asda if anyone was wondering hehe!






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