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      So I smooshed my knee up 3 weeks ago and am in a hinged brace 24/7 for the foreseeable till it’s partly fixed when I’ll probably need surgery. Likely to be in brace on and off for 6-9 months. I have to sleep in the brace too which is highly annoying and uncomfortable. This coupled with doing way less physical activity than before means my sleep is a but messed up but the weirdest thing is that I keep having the most horrible nightmares!

      I am not on any pain meds at all and the only time I remember having this many nightmares is when I was 7 and my mum remarried, I’d been super excited as I’d not had a dad before but he was more interested in my brothers so I felt left out. Wondering if it’s a subconscious thing to do with the fact I can’t get away etc? Or because am sleeping less deeply so dreaming more and my subconscious hates me?

      Also, haven’t been eating extra cheese or anything odd!

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      Oh, you poor thing! Have you tried the guided meditations that you can find online? I find them a great help in getting to sleep.

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        Getting to sleep isn’t particularly a problem as the nightmares seen to come midway through the night and wake me up. Might be useful for getting back to sleep after though.

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      Are you having to sleep on your back? I have nightmares if I sleep that way.

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        A bit more than usual yes. Interesting thought!

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      You need a Vitality bracelet, and I am not kidding!

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        What is one of those?

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      If it helps at all I spent a number of long periods in a knee brace, the best way for making sleep comfortable in a brace was buying a long pillow that I could “hug” while sleeping and put my braced leg on so it wouldn’t rub the other.

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      When you are injured, the body manufactures all kinds of repairing chemicals that flood into your bloodstream and the reaction between them and the injured tissue is usually what causes the problem. I had septicemia once which started right inside my elbow joint…OMG!! The pain and the elbow swelled three times its size in as many hours before I passed out – the dreams I had for the next four days seemed like reality!!!

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      I suffer really bad with nightmares and they are always worse when I sleep on my back!

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