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    I know very little about parliamentary process but judging by his voting history Chope has a remarkable facility for always being wrong.

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    If you want to know, Richard Stallings book has some details of how it could be done. There are more modern schemas. I would say that they are still vulnerable to denial of service attacks

    I would be currently not in favour of it as we have an environment where there are too many government IT systems that are weak. I admit there are some that…[Read more]

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    “Why so much extra in the UK – inflation perhaps in set up costs (when was Germany set up) but running costs shoudl be comparable?”

    Because the average UK resident will have to be forced to adopt it, just comparing the rubbish on the roadside verges of the two countries shows the different attitude to litter in general.

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    Well, to be in keeping with the smoking campaigns then it should be a picture of clogged arteries, rather than actual people. We don’t victimise smokers by puting pictures of actual people dying of cancer on the packets, but rather the pictures of their lungs.

    Surely we need to ban people buying unhealthy food before they become fat, rather than…[Read more]

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    Just to clarify a point here. Almost all the tribes of south Africa (both white and black)were at some point ,invaders/colonists. The africaana farmer has as much historical title to the land as any Zulu.It is one of the great mysteries of southern Africa ,why the place was so depopulated prior to the late 1700 s . The idea that the land was…[Read more]

    • That’s true and I don’t understand why we accept all who come and settle here and are born here regardless of skin colour and have laws to protect them them yet we are not going to stand up and say it’s wrong to discriminate against people who are white and have lived somewhere for many generations .
      Two wrongs do not make a right .

      • Up in Kashmir and the Hindu Kush ( now there’s a thing – the very mountains get their name for being killers of Hindus!) and I suspect over into Afghanistan – that you are either a “brother” or “frengi” – like us or a foreigner. Woe betide anyone who tries to take land or invade.

        However; that is a medieval mindset, when the Romans left Britain…[Read more]

  • I imagine there is no definitive answer due to lack of information as to the full ingredients of the liquid as general knowledge( i don’t now whats in them, or how or if the additives are controlled/regulated/tested etc.)

    One of the issues with traditional cigarettes (this is aside from the obvious inhaling red hot smoke into lung tissue) are the…[Read more]