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  • You can ring up the garage and ask what oil they used, have heard different opinions on whether you can mix oils but probably preferable to running with the light on. If light is not on yet not an emergency. Don’t overfill oil

    You can do a full oil change if you fancy, hour or so, borrow a proper torque wrench

  • Well, the Standard’s saying nearly 250,000 people demonstrated. Even if not as many as a quarter of a million, it’s still a pretty big number for a workday. However, that being said the standard is a crap newspaper ran George Osbourne newspaper and an unreliable source full of fake news.

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    31 times in a year no…[Read more]

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    I think allowing people to vote from their own computers over their home networks would be a waiting disaster of almost epic proportions. The computers aren’t secure, many are malware or spyware compromised, and there is basically no way for the voting servers to overcome this.

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    I’m not sure bleaches and antimicrobial cleaners do leave much of anything behind, the 99.99% claim is more to do with what’s provable than what’s probable. Sure, there probably are some extremophiles that can survive in bleach or other cleaning products but they’re not likely to be found in your kitchen or bog to begin with.

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    It could be seen as completing the circle that was begun when the white colonists arrived and took the land for themselves. The plantations and farms were often given to people for services rendered to the government of the colonising nation of the day. How many ner’re do well second sons etc were sent out to the colonies to save them embarrassing…[Read more]

  • Roughly what kind of job? The places to recruit Node devs aren’t necessarily the same as C++ (for example). You’ll tend to have more success recruiting grads for trendy stacks too.

    Depending on what your company’s social media presence is like that’s been pretty successful for the last couple of companies I’ve worked for. Also, LinkedIn is great…[Read more]

  • If ecigs are just as bad should they have the same level of restrictions on them as normal cigs?

    They’d have to try hard to be anywhere near as bad.

    Mind you I do wonder about harm – although not enough to do any actual research into it – I don’t know how many of the vast range of flavouring molecules used have been tested for safety when inh…[Read more]

  • @garygary I totally agree. After a long time with thought but no action I recently changed my way of life to stop eating meat unless I’ve caught/killed it myself.

    If I can choose the correct deer, and kill it quickly while it’s grazing totally free, I’ll take that any time over a supermarket steak. The process of shooting, butchering and…[Read more]

  • BUT Culture, upbringing, environment, all have a massive impact on a peoples characteristics. Spartans, Zulus, Maoris, Gurkhas; history throws up countless examples of nations who proved especially tough and resilient.

    Given the speed of cultural changes in the West over recent decades, it’s reasonable to expect demographic differences.

  • Yep. I nearly got lynched last Sunday when I tried to throw a rotten (in my opinion and that of the flies) pear away from a 1920s woman that I was visiting. ‘ you’re just a wastrel’ is still ringing in my ears.

  • won’t a table limit kick in at some point and stop you placing a high bet?

  • online roulette games, I’m convinced they’re rigged to weed out exactly this kind of thing

    @flyguy I don’t think the major ones are – they don’t have to be. If they have lots of people playing, they’re raking in the house edge anyway.

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    Now this rabbit hole is getting deeper.

    After freedom of Information, the BBC has discovered that 916 cases were dropped because of disclosure.

    This begs the question, has anybody been wrongly convicted and sentenced because of disclosure issues?

    And if there are, which based on probability, there will be I’m guessing any compensation claims…[Read more]

  • I’d want to know how many pages were left in a book, how long a film was or how many miles I’ve got to walk to get back to the car. Why not how many years I’ve got left?

    We all know that we’re going to die, knowing when would certainly concentrate the mind, help us focus on what is truly important and promote a sense of perspective.

    Wishing to…[Read more]

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    Don’t walk around the house barefoot. Get some footwear with a springy heel like cushion walk heels. You want something that has a small heel albeit a small one. You can get gel heel inserts from a site called Nuovahealth that are really cheap but effective. You can also get these arch support Strutz from the same site that you can wear around the…[Read more]

  • @flyguy You seem very certain. The UN itself is much less so. See section B, particularly

    ““Agreements providing for the return by States of persons who have entered their territory from another contracting State in an unlawful manner should be applied in respect of asylum seekers with due regard to their special s…[Read more]

  • @flyguy Why? I do not see the relevance of your link to what I have claimed.

    It states

    “…there is no provision in our Immigration Rules for someone abroad to be given permission to travel to the UK to seek asylum..”

    If they aren’t allowed to travel, that implies their only option for asylum is in the first country they get to. (at least…[Read more]

  • All those wanting all the immigrants in remember there are limits to how many people can be taken in over a given time period without overehelming resources and without undermining social cohesion.

    I think that limit is an order of magnitude higher than what the UK does, but I don’t think it’s high enough – nor can it be – for what may be com…[Read more]

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