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  • I saw that on someone’s facebook page. My only real disagreement is ‘pre-facist’; facist, plain and simple.

    I don’t like what’s happening to the world. Since my only ways of doing anything about it are by raising awareness where I can and with a cross at the ballot box, I do what I can when I’m able. But I’m still not happy with the direction…[Read more]

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    In sweden for money back on bottles and cans the machines are only in the entrance to bigger supermarkets. For all other waste our local tip is 10miles away and only opens from 2-7pm 2 days a week. The streets are still clean. It’s the attitude of the population that keeps streets clean, not the facilities available.

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    Except fat doesn’t make you fat. The new tobacco is highly refined carbs and especially sugar.

    • That’s true, but I think the title refers to being fat rather than fat as a food stuff.

    • And that point is being lost. People are still obsessed with calories, which in the form of mono unsaturated fat is completely different from same calorific content of glucose.

      Look how popular low fat yoghurts are. YeoValley low-fat yoghurt 7.5 g sugar 56 kcal / 100g. YeoValley normal yoghurt 5.6g sugar and 82 kcal / 100g.

      So on a calorie…[Read more]

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    I think the only reason that there still is any white farmers ( or businessmen) in Sud Afrika, is because Nelson Mandela and his lot sold out his own kind in his efforts to become a living god and a be a white blackman. The threat of a lesser “understanding” administration has always been on the cards. And after all – if they do pee it all up the…[Read more]

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    Slightly off topic, I do wonder about fish. Many see to die a horrible death, just being dragged out of the water and left to suffocate, and no-one ever seems to bother about fish. It’s a serious comment, I just wonder sometimes why no one ever complains about the way fish are caught/killed, or am I missing something.

    @isac It’s something I’ve…[Read more]

  • As each bet is independent of each other bet, why not start with the highest bet first and work down? Then, if you loose the highest bet, you don’t have to loose all the other ones to get there and you have halved your losses. Win and you don’t have to loose all the other bets either and come out richer.

  • Interesting. People seem to think they will live to 80, except people who are 80 who seem to think they will live 90.

    I have had a couple of Cardiac arrests, defibs the whole gig, so faced death which altered my perspective, but its easy to slip back.

  • Suffering from this myself, I have just got some insoles which seem to be helping, except there’s not much room for my feet in my shoes now 😮

  • When faced with a Royal Mail delivery I look around for an alternate supplier who ships with DPD.

    My many excperiences of DPD are all so consistently good I’ve been considering starting a thread about them – this is how deliveries should work. 2 attempts to deliver, you can set the day for both, notification of a time slot on the day, live t…[Read more]

  • @chris I’m not assuming anything really. Maybe war wasn’t the best word to use. My point still stands though, when it is safe to return, how many do ??

    As for Mo Farrah, It will be interesting to see where he decides to settle now his career is coming to an end. Britain hopefully.