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  • Surely it must have occurred to many people that Trump is probably working on a way to become President for Life. I doubt if his malformed personality can cope with the idea that the likes of Putin et al, whom he so admires, see him as just another “here today, gone tomorrow” democratic leader.

    I’d say that the second term will be shamelessly…[Read more]

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    Whats funny about e-Democracy and online voting is that most IT security experts are dead against it, but lots of vendors, managers and politicians love it.

    There are only a handful of people capable of designing a secure, verifiable and trustworthy online voting system (don’t get me started on Mobile!); so far, most systems are not even open…[Read more]

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    We don’t need them – some lab animals are raised perfectly healthily in a microbe free environment.

    But – and its a massive but – if we are to live with bacteria, we really need to live with the right ones.

    I don’t think it’s wild to speculate that the next two decades will see a slew of discoveries and treatments based around an under…[Read more]

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    I doubt it.

    As evidence I remind you of the occasion when the IDF were using phosphorous shells to hit hospitals in Gaza. Any comeback on that? Nope.

    The civilised world needs to organise a boycott of Israeli goods, sporting events etc. This country needs to be ostracised in the same way South Africa was.

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    Rip-Off Britain?

    • Damned right, watch the cost of everything go up. and what mutt says in his post.
      Personally, it’s going to be a pain in the neck.
      All my cans and bottles go in the recycle bin, but with this scheme, I’m going to have to pay more and then have the hassle of saving everything then lugging it all down to a cash-in centre to get my money back.

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    Just two Hints:

    -If an attack comes from USA, is it the united states attacking you or a US citizen?
    -Things can be routed to appear to be originating from russia, when its your neighbors son attacking you.

    Cheers & Good luck with defense!

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    That’s true and I don’t understand why we accept all who come and settle here and are born here regardless of skin colour and have laws to protect them them yet we are not going to stand up and say it’s wrong to discriminate against people who are white and have lived somewhere for many generations .
    Two wrongs do not make a right .

    • Up in Kashmir and the Hindu Kush ( now there’s a thing – the very mountains get their name for being killers of Hindus!) and I suspect over into Afghanistan – that you are either a “brother” or “frengi” – like us or a foreigner. Woe betide anyone who tries to take land or invade.

      However; that is a medieval mindset, when the Romans left Britain…[Read more]

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    Evidence is still a bit shaky cos they’ve only been around a few years, but if you’re inhaling nicotine there’s a good chance they will cause gum disease and make your teeth drop out jus’ like good ol tabaccy.

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    In my opinion anyone that hunts for pleasure is a psychopath and I am always mindful of this because it affects their behavior in all other aspect of their lives.

  • I know my parents were the same, but I think if you put the youth of today in a similar position they would rise to the challenge.

  • The method works, as does the same if you bet on the favourite horse in every race until you won your desired amount.

    @funny Nope, it would only work if you had infinite money and time and the bookie/casino would accept infinite stakes.

    It’s simply a form of low-odds betting, where you risk a large amount for a high (but not certain) probability…[Read more]

  • Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I seem to remember plantar fasciitis being called “policeman’s heel” from the old days when bobby’s did a lot of beat walking so it’s definitely not a new invention.

    Mine improved after throwing away one particular pair of wellies and losing a bit of weight.

  • I’d like a little notice. Make sure the dog is sorted out and make sure’s she’s got someone to feed her

    Then there’s making sure my will is out of its hiding place. (and the odd porn video I think is still lurking somewhere). The lawn will need cutting and I’d best make sure the washing is done – don’t want folk thinking I’m a scruffy old man.…[Read more]

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    Communism gets a bad reputation, but actually the idea behind it is great, it’s jus that people are greedy. I’d suggest that some sort of Scandinavian model with higher taxes is probably the most sustainable, but I am no economist!

    On the medical story that you linked, surely the idea of an NHS or something similar is that most people won’t cost…[Read more]

  • “I don’t mind the idea of genuine short-term help to a small number of people who want it but what annoys me is the sense of entitlement they seem to think they have. We can’t have a situation where anyone living in a country with a bit of conflict rumbling on”

    @dave Syria for example? There seems to me to be more than ‘a bit of conflict’. If I…[Read more]