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  • Oh, you poor thing! Have you tried the guided meditations that you can find online? I find them a great help in getting to sleep.

  • @joey Its also not been known about for decades.. we learn more and more all the time.

    Man, it was only back in the 50’s we learnt about Plate tectonics, for 40 years everyone laughed at Wegener. Kids didn’t learn about that until the 60’s and 70’s. It takes a long time to science to infiltrate education.

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  • The war generation were certainly different, as in my grand parents, who were born during WW1. They were content with less, appreciated the small things in life and knew if they wanted something they had to graft for it, limited education & benefits and no NHS for half their lives. Having survived 2 wars, flu pandemics, the depression, brought…

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