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  • I have had some very bad reactions to wasp stings, so they hurt and continue to hurt but I haven’t had such a bad reaction to bee stings.
    I have been stung twice by the same bee which had been in the bush by my gate, entered my car when I got out to open the gate and then I leaned on it when I got back in the car. I found it on my shirt when I got…[Read more]

  • I’d agree, to me this feels similar to the 1930’s in worrying ways.

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    Plenty evidence building through studies of trophy hunting to ‘fund’ conservation that it is having a negative effect, as generally the best trophies are also pack, or herd leaders and they are taking out those with the strongest genetics and leaving the weaker or smaller animals to breed. The ways in which man meddles just never ends.

    @old guy I…[Read more]

  • @funny no unemployment in those days, everybody went to university, there was no industrial unrest, no one went to war, there were no mainland bombings…

    or shall we just say that your just full of crap?

    Today’s youth have it tough and nobody seems to care.

  • It’s a known as the Martingale method and is very well known.

    In theory yes it would always work if you had unlimited money but in reality it’s quite easy to run out of money quickly, with £10 a time you only a good streak of losses before you’re getting into big numbers and most tables will have a table limit on red and black.

    What you’re…[Read more]

  • @jim When I went to the sports injury clinic it was at the time that all these folding ballerina shoes that you could stick in your handbag, were coming into fashion and the chap who was a specialist said he would expect to see many girls coming in due to this footwear causing PF. He also said it was the lack of heel and walking barefoot on hard…[Read more]

  • Usually the substitutions aren’t too bad although at Christmas replacing the £5 box of chocs ordered for a gift with one priced at £15 was rather annoying. The one that irritated me the most was swapping my guacamole for houmous – houmous doesn’t go with chilli if it had been avocado’s it would have been fine.
    But hey ho – 1st world problems and all that!

  • Cobblers – jobs should be done properly, particularly when someone’s liberty is at issue.

    That’s easily said, but reported crime is going up and number of coppers are coming down. It’s obvious there is less time available for investigating each crime regardless of how diligent the police are. Remember its for the cps to judge if someone should be…[Read more]

  • Have you tried any sleep meditations? There are lots on YouTube for free so might be worth a try. They always work for me.

  • cammy replied to the topic Anxiety is crippling me in the forum Banter 1 year, 10 months ago

    Oh, that’s no fun, you poor sausage.
    What is it that you get anxious about when on your own? Do you have to make decisions and you’re worried you’ll get it wrong? Do you have a certain number of things to get done and you’re worried that you can’t/will miss something? Are you worried about something unexpected happening and not being able to deal…[Read more]

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    I used to use St Tropez but it’s not the cheapest but it does go on nicely and lasts ages, but I have been using the St Moritz everyday gradual tanning cream it’s only about £4 and I am quite impressed with it so I went and bought the tanning mouse which has a much darker effect and it was just as good, savers shops and tesco sell the range, my…[Read more]

  • This is totally a resources issue.

  • The world’s going mad. What next; a bunch of gay fellas smashing up a girls clothes shop because of t shirts with words about fairies and queens.

  • You should receive a citation,telling you when you should attend. In the court house you will be shown to the witness room. You will wait there until you’re called. If times getting on, or there are delays, you may be sent home, and will be told when to re attend.
    It’s a lot of waiting about, pray you are called early!
    You will be told that you…[Read more]

  • Last Christmas I ordered crackers and they were substituted for Christmas cards. I pointed this out to the driver and he said that earlier in the week a customer ordered fresh shark from the fish counter and she got a DVD of the film Shark. You would think that their tablet computer/scanner units would have guided the picker to the right area of…[Read more]