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  • @carly Yeah, it may be possible to get an edge on a particular wheel or with a particular croupier – but, in addition to the enormous amount of work required to do this, you have to remember that the casino will be looking out for this and will work against you. They can (and do) rotate croupiers to make this harder, and can simply refuse to take…[Read more]

  • @carly I’ve got totally flat feet too and the doctor said that would have contributed as there’s no ‘spring’ in my feet, or flippers as I should perhaps more correctly term them.

  • jam replied to the topic Basic curry cooking question in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    @carly you should always cook onions right down, at least until golden (20 mins minimum). Undercooked onions are a cardinal sin in any form of cooking!

    I don’t know how to cook curries at all, and I want to cook a slow-cooked beef or lamb curry for tonight. When I look at recipes, they all sound horribly wrong to me. They involve things like…

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