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  • However, in the case of the Trump visit, it feels as though the expression of the majority view is being actively suppressed and a pretence that “everything is fine” is being effortfully and expensively enforced by the state. Not to the point where the media are on board, thank god.

    The actual majority, or the vocal majority?
    I don’t know anyone…[Read more]

  • This does not feel like a democracy to me. It feels like bullshit.

    Of course it’s a democracy.
    The democratically elected Government of one country has invited the head of state of another democratically country to visit.
    That’s the whole idea of democracy, in that you vote in a Government to act on your behalf. I agree with many of your…[Read more]

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    You would think a nation state built to protect a people following the holocaust would understand what suffering is caused when a group of people are persecuted and perhaps refrain from doing it themselves.

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    Eating 100kcals of sugar and sitting on your butt, will force your body to store fat just the same as 100kcals of slow release carbs and doing nothing. There is a greater chance you’ll move in the 3hr hours after a pile of pasta, so even for the most lazy some of pasta might not be converted to fat. The sugars and their boost/ subsequent slump…[Read more]

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    On an admittedly very simplistic level, there is no global deficit, only balance. We owe, while China (or UAE or any other cash and/or resource rich nation) lends. If we default, our lenders’ wealth diminishes but the sum remains the same as our debts get written off.

    It’s resources you should be focused on. When the rate of asset consumption…[Read more]