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    Not only there shouldn’t be on-line voting, but there shouldn’t even be electronic voting at all.

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    Children who grow up on farms and/or have pets tend to be less likely to have allergies, and I think asthma is more common among people who grow up in homes with greater cleanliness, but I’m not sure whether that’s down to the products used or to the lack of healthily challenging bacteria. I recently read with a certain amount of surprise and…[Read more]

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    Currently in the news, with the BBC reporting the following:

    “The German system is estimated to have cost about £600m (726m euros) as an initial set up, and about £700m (793m euros) annually for maintenance.

    The British Plastics Federation estimates it could cost £1bn to set up a scheme in the UK, and another £1bn a year in running cos…[Read more]

    • The deposit system in Germany started in 2003 but in it´s present form 2006 so 20-30% higher setup costs seems reasonable, those machines that take your bottles aren´t cheap and take a fair amount of valuable retail space up.

      The operating costs depend on the way your drinks market works and how the reycling is going to be done, we have three c…[Read more]

    • maybe because our-way is to try and get it administrated by countless shops, small and large. If the recycling points were situated on streets like litter bins then the administration would be straightforward. But everything is private enterprise these days and therefore way more expensive than it could be under central government ownership.

      • In sweden for money back on bottles and cans the machines are only in the entrance to bigger supermarkets. For all other waste our local tip is 10miles away and only opens from 2-7pm 2 days a week. The streets are still clean. It’s the attitude of the population that keeps streets clean, not the facilities available.

    • “Why so much extra in the UK – inflation perhaps in set up costs (when was Germany set up) but running costs shoudl be comparable?”

      Because the average UK resident will have to be forced to adopt it, just comparing the rubbish on the roadside verges of the two countries shows the different attitude to litter in general.

    • Energy costs in Britain will be much higher for a start.

      I don’t get why they are going straight for the recycle option though. They should be pursuing the Reduce and Reuse first.

      I really don’t get why people need to buy bottles of water in this country. Apart from maybe for the journey home from Glastonbury!

    • I’ve been wondering for years how you could reduce the numbers of cans and bottles thrown out of vehicles but I’ve also been wondering how you could make a secure system. For example how much cash will the machines contain and how easily will they be broken open?

      I’ll put money on the system working for a few months then some clever barsteward…[Read more]

      • A good start might be to make the registered keeper of the vehicle liable for the littering, as with parking offences and such. It would then be much easier to enforce fines for littering, no need to stop the car nor necessarily to identify the individual responsible. Photographic or video evidence (decent dash-cam footage perhaps?) would be enough.

      • I really don’t understand this problem. I can’t grasp what sort of Fuxxwit thinks it’s acceptable to pitch an empty bottle or can out of the window. You have brought it from somewhere and put it in your car, how difficult is it to take the empty out of the car and bin it once back home again? The one that really surprised me was the jam I was in…[Read more]

      • Err, in all the countries I know with a deposit scheme and automatic scanners you get a credit note which is paid out at any till. Otherwise it´s just done by the cashier anyway, I just throw the crate on the heap and the shopkeeper credits me.

        Because the German system was set up by the industry, not some half-wit in a ministry it´s infinitely f…[Read more]

    • Rip-Off Britain?

      • Damned right, watch the cost of everything go up. and what mutt says in his post.
        Personally, it’s going to be a pain in the neck.
        All my cans and bottles go in the recycle bin, but with this scheme, I’m going to have to pay more and then have the hassle of saving everything then lugging it all down to a cash-in centre to get my money back.

    • While waiting for a train in Germany last week, I noticed how much cleaner their stations and tracks are than ours. Litter bins in Germany quite often have sections for paper/plastic/waste/metal.

      £1 bn seems quite cheap. Just £16 / person / year to reduce waste. And much of the £1 bn will grow the economy (more jobs, etc).

      To put into pe…[Read more]

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    Fat could soon be the new smoking!

    When this happens and obesity is killing more people than smoking related diseases, should we then expect pictures of obese people bed ridden or unable to move or with amputated limbs on all of our chocolate bars…[Read more]

    • I like the idea of people being locked up for dealing Curly Wurlys.

    • Except fat doesn’t make you fat. The new tobacco is highly refined carbs and especially sugar.

      • That’s true, but I think the title refers to being fat rather than fat as a food stuff.

      • And that point is being lost. People are still obsessed with calories, which in the form of mono unsaturated fat is completely different from same calorific content of glucose.

        Look how popular low fat yoghurts are. YeoValley low-fat yoghurt 7.5 g sugar 56 kcal / 100g. YeoValley normal yoghurt 5.6g sugar and 82 kcal / 100g.

        So on a calorie…[Read more]

    • Well, to be in keeping with the smoking campaigns then it should be a picture of clogged arteries, rather than actual people. We don’t victimise smokers by puting pictures of actual people dying of cancer on the packets, but rather the pictures of their lungs.

      Surely we need to ban people buying unhealthy food before they become fat, rather than…[Read more]

    • The solution is activity levels as much as diet. Driving short distances has to be made less attractive than walking and can only really be done through cost. Easy in theory, tough in reality.

      • Activity doesn’t burn many calories in many of us. I am more hungry when I have exercised, but I don’t need any more food. I got fatter when I was training for my winter mountain leader assessment. 5 days a week winter mountaineering and I got more flabby. I ate a tiny fracture more than normal, but really only a tiny bit more. It wasn’t that I…[Read more]

        • Whilst there might be something in extreme events, sleep deprivation, etc.. triggering different reactions in the body to store more. Plus varying metabolic rates. I doubt these effect more than a few percent of the population and don’t remove the fact that if you don’t eat it, you can’t store. We are genetically cut out for having so much food…[Read more]

          • They reckon that as few as four nights of reduced sleep (I think they said 6 hours or less) has a significant impact on weight. In our fast paced, 24/7 world this is a serious problem.

            Yes, you are right that if you don’t eat it, you can’t store it. Hence why food is so much more important than exercise! The studies on sleep deprivation causing…[Read more]

          • “I doubt these effect more than a few percent of the population and don’t remove the fact that if you don’t eat it, you can’t store.”

            It is easy to say this until you have been in a situation where something unusual for you impacts on your appetites…Steriods being a common example.

            I gained significantly more weight than I should have when…[Read more]

        • Eating 100kcals of sugar and sitting on your butt, will force your body to store fat just the same as 100kcals of slow release carbs and doing nothing. There is a greater chance you’ll move in the 3hr hours after a pile of pasta, so even for the most lazy some of pasta might not be converted to fat. The sugars and their boost/ subsequent slump…[Read more]

    • It seems like there need to be some big shifts in society, I think. I think we can’t continue with being sedentary for much of the time, and the levels of salt and sugar and refined carbs that are being consumed by many. In the UK certainly, I think we’re going to break the NHS with obesity and diabetes related health problem, and maybe alc…[Read more]

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    Hmm. have never been a smoker (can’t stand the stench) but their “must” be something in it that attracts so many people, wondering whether any non smoker has tried / taken up e cigarettes and their thoughts on it? I assume it is just as addictive as smoking but considered relatively safe

    @freddy Whatever reason that people start smoking (never a…[Read more]