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  • You need a Vitality bracelet, and I am not kidding!

  • It does sound nasty.
    I’ve been stung several times, once when we’d locked ourselves out I was standing on my husband’s shoulders trying to squeeze through a tiny first-floor bathroom window and came face to face with a wasps nest under the gutter. Lucky to get only 5 stings.
    Each time I’m stung I get a worse reaction. I carry antihistamines with…[Read more]

  • Had the steroid injection on Tuesday morning – marked improvement but not cured it completely. A very sympathetic guy who said he would keep my case ‘active’ until October in case I need to go back. Since then I have had much better sleep thank goodness instead of waking with burning pains in hand and arm. Fingers crossed it lasts a while.

  • The carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand is dreadful again, with me having sleepless nights despite wearing the deeply unattractive NHS hand/wrist brace. It has been suggested that I should get an operation to sort out my Carpal Tunnel. As a carer, I just cannot take time off. I have twice had steroid injections to save having the op in the…[Read more]