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  • I got bitten by something Thursday evening at an outside works do. Thought I felt something bite me then on the way home I had a little dried blood on my ankle. I just thought I’d somehow bashed myself but the next day it was itchy and looks like a bite. The bite itself feels hard underneath and the surrounding skin feels bruised. It had swollen a…[Read more]

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    If you’re wondering why a Palestinian in the prime of their life would throw stones at soldiers carrying automatic weapons loaded with dum dums knowing they were probably going to get shot then it’s worth reading this article:…[Read more]

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    Hopefully things don’t turn out badly. It would be a shame, because if the corruption wasn’t so bad the country could be prosperous. I think corruption is the biggest thing that’s holding many countries back. There are lots of places where nothing works because everyone has to take a cut.

    It could work if the farm land in SA is sold to black…[Read more]