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  • While I didn’t personally count the demonstrators I did, for my sins, watch far too much live news yesterday.

    The demo outside the ambassador’s house attracted a few hundred demonstrators and soon dwindled too far less as people left to catch the last transport home.

    Some selective camera shots made the march through London today look much…[Read more]

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    The serious ones may be better than legislation from a government with a strong majority because they have to gather cross party support rather than rely on MPs being unthinkingly obedient to the party line and the government whips.

    It’s just a theory.

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    The benefits of computerisation appear marginal compared to the potential consequences of introducing technological vulnerabilities and opacity impenetrable to all but computer security specialists.

    Good point about home networks and pcs.

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    Given that we are more bacterial than human, trying to kill ever bacteria around us and on us isn’t likely to do us any favours.

  • Global warming started well before the Millenials came on the scene. We’ve all been dealing with global warming for decades. The Millenials aren’t exactly doing anything about through their actions either.

    @sam That’s a poorly informed view. Do you have Millenial children? My son is a research chemist who’s developing a green production process…[Read more]

  • They are in France. A perfectly fine country.

    Fine unless for example they speak English and have an established family in the UK. Is it better for anyone to have someone live a poor, excluded, disconnected and ultimately vulnerable life in France when they could be connected and productive in the UK? Europe’s asylum systems are a mess, it’s…[Read more]

  • While some royal mail employees are useless they aren’t even in the same league of crapness as Hermes IMO, how can you have a delivery system without a sorting office where people can collect undelivered parcels? they don’t provide any useful tracking info the ones I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with don’t leave any contact details to arrange…[Read more]

  • There are other medications you can take for Type 2, so even if it turns out that you do need tablets now, it doesnt need to mean the end of driving.

  • @amy Taking morphine would be in issue, but depending when you take it and how it effects you would be the barrier (even Piriton has a warning about driving because of the sedative effects). I don’t think the insurer would need to know about medications. But would need to know about conditions that the DVLA need to be informed about as they mark…[Read more]

  • Ask for a repeat blood test, also no driving?? They use to stop you driving once you had insulin but that is old guildlines. You have to be careful a gliclizide can give you hypos the same as insulin but as long as it’s under control I would question being allowed to drive

  • This is totally a resources issue.

    Cobblers – jobs should be done properly, particularly when someone’s liberty is at issue.

  • It has never been the police’s job to find evidence of guilt, and always to be objective

    @tom their job is that, true.

    But how many PC’s only log evidence that supports a possible conviction, and ignore anything that doesn’t?

    It could well be that this sort of thing is going on across the board, and it’s only when the alleged perpetrator is…[Read more]