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  • They hurt a lot, it is easy to say “just a sting” but it is nasty. Hopefully you don’t get an extreme reaction.

    I got stung a week or so back when I accidentally knocked the top off a nest of sorts when moving a bale of hay and I got a sting for it. I was able to pull the sting out, so it didn’t actually go right in, but the arm was painful for…[Read more]

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    Once its passed a vote in the chamber a PMB is then subject to the same scrutiny as any other bill. Most PMB fail so it’s not as if the commons vote is just is rubber stamp to legislate against any shitty grievance an MP might have. Have a look at the shitty legislation the govt has enacted that he didn’t vote against to form an opinion on what…[Read more]

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    Could you have plantar fasciitis maybe? possibly bought on by walking awkwardly or something you tweaked

    There is a very good Facebook support group for sufferers which still give just good general tips for sore heels, well worth a look

    If it is then really try to nip it in the bud as a full blown attack is a real misery.

  • No, your grandparents or grand grandparents generation fought for your relative freedom, alongside those of the countries we’ve had colonised.

    You, what you’ve done, is just being born in the right place and being a hypocrite.

    @mo I didn’t even know where to start there with his post. But its similar in the US, many third and fourth gen…[Read more]

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    I’ve been getting them, without the headache, for the last 10 years or so. The first time I had one I was terrified and thought somebody had spiked my drink, although it was hardly likely at 7am in my house while drinking a cup of tea I’d made for myself…durr….but the flashing lights and semi blindness were horrible.

    I haven’t pinned down…[Read more]